Promoting Healthy Workplaces with Mindful Movement

You'll want this in your calendar.

Corporate yoga

Signature Movement Break > 30 min sessions

Let’s face it, our bodies resist sitting all day — commuting, computer work, meetings... it all adds up. We have a solution!

Schedule 30 minutes of movement each week + little sprinkle of daily inspiration to battle the 3 o’clock slump. You won't get sweaty, you don't need to be super fit and you don't need any special props, just take a little break and rev up your workday.

Drawing on traditional yoga shapes and contemporary movement practices we weave in elements of Pilates, cross training, self massage, Qigong, and mindfulness meditation into a potent punch!

Business wear approved! 

Before deciding if our sessions are a good fit for your company, book a complimentary discovery session and let us knock your socks off! (You can keep your socks on for the session)

Single Session $99
Weekly Session $89 (3 month contract)

office yoga

Workplace Yoga Session > 50 min sessions

We come to your office each week and take your team through an intelligent and efficient sequence of movements. With a blend of deep stretching, core ignition, mindful movements and great tunes we leave you feeling refreshed.

Schedule a regular 50 minute session during the lunch break, after work, or as a special mid day urban oasis.

You will need to bring clothes you can move in and provide us with a space to accommodate yoga mats.

Single Session $130
Weekly Session $120
*add yoga mats +$25




Changed my life.

"Ebb & Flow introduced me to a whole new world of breathing, stretching and yoga movement that has changed my life." — J.S.

Toronto's Best!

"From the first yoga class I took with Ebb & Flow, I knew they would be my Yoga coach/instructor moving forward. What makes [Megan] one of Toronto's best yoga instructors is her ability to to integrate her massage training into her Yoga coaching." — B.G.

Educational Moments.

"Loved their educational moments on alignment etc, and the instructor [Dani] spent some time afterwards helping me with a stretch I couldn't quite get during class. Great teacher! Great class." — S.L.



Your movement break is waiting!