Qi Gong Twists


QiGong Twist

A stress relief technique.

This exercise is meant to be done first thing in the morning as it is quite stimulating. Just this movement alone is an incredible stress relief technique, it also relieves tight muscles, improves digestion and relaxes the nervous system. Try to practice this at some point every day!

We include this move in so many of our Workplace Movement Break sessions because the twisting action is good for your spine - it really counteracts the schlump created by prolonged sitting.


How To Do it:

With your feet about shoulder width apart, twist your hips left and right, allowing your arms to swing effortlessly, driven by the force of your hips twisting from side to side. Your hands should be loose fists that land on the midline of the front and the back as you turn your hips left and right.

Begin with your fists landing on your lower abdomen and lower back/ sacrum area. Then as you twist a bit more vigorously your fists should ascend, tapping higher to your ribs

Then tap back down to your lower abdomen and back.

Slow your twisting until it gradually comes to a stop.

Be still for a few breaths and notice all sensations.