Updating Your Office Ergonomics for a Healthy Spine

There are so many factors that go into building a healthy routine to support both mental and physical health, and today we are focusing on how sitting and your current desk set-up has become one of the biggest challenges to our physical health.

The research is in and it is clear “sitting is definitely the new cancer”, our current sedentary lifestyle is causing all sorts of problems. It’s not just in the amount of sitting you do, but also in the length of time you sit for. People who sit for longer chunks of time are predisposed to all sorts of fun new illnesses, and even premature death.

Sitting causes a schlumped posture, you can read more about that here, and the longer you sit, the more adept your body becomes at keeping that shape. So it’s important not only just to stand up every hour, but also to move and get your muscles firing.

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So fire up that Apple watch, set up a reminder on your computer to stand up once every couple of hours, and call us to come in and help you find a movement plan that works for you .


The reality is, that the more you move in the day, the better you ultimately feel, both short and long term. Even though standing isn’t the solution to all the sitting we’ve been doing (read more here), when you add movement to your standing, even if it is uncomfortable you will start to see the positive effects to your overall health.

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