Five Benefits of Packing a Nutritious Lunch


Brown Bagging it!

5 benefits of packing a nutritious lunch.

Working in an office environment makes it oh-so-easy to go out for lunch on a regular basis. But if you pack your own nutritious lunch; you just might find yourself more productive, among other things.


What do I mean by a nutritious lunch? Simply including fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. That could look like a turkey sandwich, cucumber slices with hummus, and an apple. Or maybe a quinoa salad with tuna or salmon, and yogurt with berries. Sometimes even a homemade smoothie is the way to go if you’re pressed for time.

Here are my top five reasons for brown bagging it:

Save Money

This is an easy one! We all know that bringing your own lunch is going to save you money instead of buying it every day. Planning a bit more and batch cooking at home or buying meat and fish on sale can save you even more! Sundays present a great opportunity to make five lunches for the week all at once so you don’t have any excuses.



Whether you don’t eat enough, overeat, or eat the wrong foods, you could be lowering your productivity level. Think about it: how productive are you when you’re hungry? Or SO full (naptime anyone)? Or jacked up on caffeine and sugar? Keep things simple with a nutritious lunch and watch your workload dwindle.

Get Past the 3 PM Slump

Making sure your body gets adequate protein and complex carbohydrates mean you’ll have the energy to make it all the way to the end of the day without hitting that 3:00 PM slump. The combination of protein and carbs mean you’ll feel full and it will last. Plus by making your own lunch, you’ll be controlling your portions which means you won’t feel tired after eating too much food.


I don’t know about you, but if I start to get hungry at work, I can’t focus on any task, or meeting, or anything! Sugar and processed fats can leave you feeling foggy. Instead, nourish your brain with healthy, brightly coloured foods that will keep you clear and focused.


It’s no surprise that food affects your mood! Being satiated without being overfull, and knowing you’re treating your body to what it needs can boost your mood and keep you happy, even if the paperwork is piling up.

Keeping takeout to a minimum will keep your happiness to a maximum! Time to start prepping those lunches!

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