Mental Health and Spring Fever

It’s here, the birds are singing and so are we, spring brings on a heightened awareness of what is going on, and with it sometimes, a perceptible increase in anxiety. (Read more about that here.)

All of a sudden we (and all the growing greens) are officially defrosted and there is a chance that all the things we’ve been putting off as we hibernated for the winter will bubble up all at once.

Mitigate any impending anxiety with these recommendations:

  1. Soak up the sun, get outside and try to notice your surroundings, take advantage of the weather and layer up for a walk on your lunch break. Not only are our bodies craving more sun, the fresh air has an amazing way of clearing the mind so you can get go back to your life or work renewed.

  2. Follow your urges, wherever they lead. Practice listening to the messages your body is sending. If you are craving a clear out, go Marie Kondo on your junk drawer or closet, or do the opposite if you are craving some down time, and watch her Netflix special. Spring is a time for change, but your body and mind may or may not be ready, and the more you follow your internal cues the easier they become to read.

Spring 3.jpg
Spring image.jpg

Spring has sprung

Go with the flow, at your pace.

People may feel more energy or a renewed sense of self in the spring. They may become inspired to do some spring cleaning or start to eat healthy. Do not be afraid to take advantage of these feelings.
— Carly McCord

3. Don’t let the fever of spring take over, instead carve out time in the day to talk to friends, move your body; even if it’s just a few sun breaths; and take time to fuel yourself. When you slow down and support your body, you can avoid the barrage of spring fever coming your way. Choosing instead to move at your pace and giving space for everyone around you who is coming off the rails.

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