Standing Pigeon


Standing Pigeon

Hip Stretch

Well, The ubiquitous pigeon is getting a lot of hype on our blog these days.

Relevant corporate culture fact about pigeons

image: vanveenjf (unsplash)

image: vanveenjf (unsplash)

“According to one study, they're more efficient multitaskers than people are. Scientists at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum put together a test group of 15 humans and 12 pigeons and trained all of them to complete two simple jobs (like pressing a keyboard once a light bulb came on). They were also put in situations where they would need to stop working on one job and switch over to another. In some trials, the participants had to make the change immediately. During these test runs, humans and pigeons switched between jobs at the same speed.

But in other trials, the test subjects were allowed to complete one assignment and then had to wait 300 milliseconds before moving on to the next job. Interestingly, in these runs, the pigeons were quicker to get started on that second task after the period ended. In the avian brain, nerve cells are more densely packed, which might enable our feathered friends to process information faster than we can under the right circumstances.” -

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But more about the stretch…

All you need is a chair and pants with a little give ;) because this hip stretch can get pretty deep into the glutes, IT Band, and pesky piriforims muscle. The bonus is that it doesn't put a ton of weight/torq into the knee joint like the traditional floor version of this popular yoga pose.

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How to do it:

  1. Step your right foot onto the seat of your chair.

  2. Allow the right knee to press out to the side while the sole of your foot peels away from the surface.

  3. Hold on to something if your balance is wobbly.

  4. You may want to hinge forward at the hips to deepen the stretch. Or not!