The Splits - for your fingers


The Splits

- for your fingers

Did you see the word “splits” and think to yourself - “Holy F*#!... isn’t this corporate yoga, i’ll split my pants?!?” Then your brain registered >>> “for your fingers” >>> and you decided to read on…

Extremities need yoga like every other part of the body, especially our hands. You may have noticed that as your mobile phone usage increases so does your finger joint pain. As we become more reliant on technology, the strain and repetitive wear and tear on our forearm/wrist/hand/finger joints escalates in response. To combat this, we ALWAYS include a little forearm love in each movement session. The Finger Splits can be potent so move with care and try to relax the area you are trying to stretch.

Hand (palm view)

But first, here's the anatomy:

This is a super simplistic overview of the wrist and hand. Basically, the forearm has a bunch of muscles grouped into “flexors”, or the muscles that flex the wrist/fingers and “extensors”, or the muscles that extend the wrist/fingers. These muscles turn into tendons near the wrist and insert like puppet strings into the fingers. There are also some muscles that are exclusively located within the hand, allowing for fine tuning our finger agility. You can feel these muscles by placing your hand lightly on your forearm and wiggling your fingers in a typing motion - see how the muscles activate under the skin.


How to do it:

Hold the left pointer finger up while you actively fold the remaining fingers toward the palm. You are stretching one finger up and the rest of the fingers down.

Hold for a few breaths then repeat the stretch for each finger. Fold all the fingers back together as a grand finale!

To stretch your thumb, bend your wrist forward and use your right hand to press the left thumb flat into the left wrist. Relax, and then press the thumb straight across the palm. Relax once more, and finally press it straight back away from the palm. Then switch hands, finishing off by gently rolling or shaking the wrists and hands. Shake, shake, shake it off.

Pro tip: Make sure your wrist is flexed back for a little extra oomph.