Seated Forward Fold with an Extra Kick


Seated Forward Fold

with an Extra Kick

We've taken this classic stretch and added a little zest. We love to make the movements in our sequences more potent to make the best use of your time! The primary focus of this move is the hamstrings and the added zest targets the IT Band.


The what and the what?!?!...

Hamstrings: A muscle group located at the back of your thigh. Responsible for bending your knee and extending your hip.

IT Band (Iliotibilal Band): a band of thick connective tissue located at the side of your thigh. Because of its fibrous nature, it is a natural protector for the outer thigh, it keeps your hip & knee stable, and is a general pain in the… knee if left untended.


How to do it:

  • Scoot forward in your chair and straighten your legs

  • Hold on to the armrests or the back of your chair seat so you don’t slip off! (especially if you are in a rolling office chair)

  • Cross your right ankle over your left and flex the feet so the toes point up

  • Turn the sole of your right foot to face the left side of the room to initiate the IT Band stretch

  • Tip your hips forward to activate the hamstring stretch

Dani is having all the feels!

Dani is having all the feels!

A little tip:

Make sure that your spine stays lengthened.  Often the effort to “go deeper” is actually just rounding or curling the upper back, so target the hamstrings by tipping the hips not the ribs.

Happy stretching!