Tipping Star Pose


Tipping Star Pose

connect to your core!

This movement is sometimes called Kite Pose, or Falling star pose, but it gets confusing when you google it, so we re-named it to reflect the simple action used to perform the sequence. Tipping from side to side.

This tipping action is a great preparation for bigger balancing poses and waking up the core connection.


What is the core connection?

The mindful awareness of how the core muscles help to keep our posture healthy and our movements graceful.


The core or midsection musculature is the bridge between the upper torso and the legs. It is the source of stability during daily activities and during exercise. It protects the internal organs, and stabilizes the spine. A weak core leaves the body vulnerable to lower back pain and injury. It’s not just your “six pack” either - the core includes your lower back, the transversus abdominal, the obliques, your inner thigh muscles, and even your pelvic floor!

So as you practice this movement really pay attention to the transfer of weight from foot to foot and how that movement creates a matching contraction in the stability muscles in your trunk.


How To Do It:

  1. Start in a 5 pointed star shape - Arms and legs wide.

  2. Transfer weight to your right leg, tipping to the side. Lift your left leg into this side star shape. HOLD for a few breaths.

  3. Now SLOWLY tip to the left leg while lifting your right leg - maintaining that big star shape. HOLD for a few breaths.

OK. You know the edges of the pose - now tip from right to left 5-10 times.

Pro Tip:

Activate your side bum muscles by lifting your free leg super high without turning your toes upward.