Desk Tricep Push-Ups

Ok. Lets Go!

Q: What’s a fast way to get an energy boost that doesn’t involve caffeine or sugar?

A: Do a bunch of tricep push-ups at your desk!

Desk Yoga

A small part of us says “groan”, because most of the time we would much rather have the coffee :p. But we aaaaaallllllll know that caffeine and sugar just lead to a crash and fuzzy thoughts, so Tricep Push-ups for the win.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Put your hands on the edge of your desk, and step your feet back so your body is on an angle. The more horizontal you become the more challenging this is. Inversely, you can do this at the wall for a little less sweat.

  2. Engage all of your core muscles so that you don’t sag in the middle

  3. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart to keep this targeted to the triceps - any wider and the move starts to target the chest/pecs (not a bad thing, just a different exercise)

  4. Now, bend your elbows to point behind you - your torso lowers in between your arms.

  5. Keep your trunk in a strong plank - no banana sagging.

This move strengthens the back of your shoulders and the triceps (back of your arms). Not only will you feel stronger, but also your posture will feel brighter and more upright. Strong posterior shoulders help combat the computer work posture!

Corporate Yoga


  • If you notice your shoulders creeping up to your ears or poking downward try to focus on keeping your shoulder blades hugging together on your back.

  • If you notice your low back swaying into a backbend - tighten up your core by drawing your belly button to your spine, or walk your feet forward so it’s less challenging

  • Do enough reps that you feel your heart bumping, but don’t get too sweaty!