Shoulder Goal Post Flow

IMG_1622 2.jpg

Here is a simple flow to reverse the schlumped posture… You know, the one where we have sunk into a chair shape…

First stand up tall with shoulders squared. The tallest version of yourself!

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Then arrange your arms into a goal post shape, where the elbows are pressing out wide from your shoulders and your fingertips point up. Really press those elbows wide to create a space in your shoulder joint.

Slowly pivot at the elbows so the fingertips point down. Flow between these two shapes.

Here are the cheats to avoid:

  • Going too fast. Things just get sloppy, so stay mindful and with the rhythm of your breath

  • Hunching your shoulders. Make this a true rotation at the shoulder joint

  • Flexing your wrist. It may feel like you are doing more, but its just cheating ;)